The Vision and Calling

This highlights the Apostolic commission spoken to me personally by the Lord Himself, in a vision, in April of 1992.

"I have sent you to bring the awareness and the reality of My Presence to My people. I have sent you and anointed you with My Holy Oil to destroy the yokes of bondages, to heal relationships and covenants, granting forgiveness and restoration. I have sent you to establish, strengthen and settle My people and those whom I have called into My Kingdom".

3 times in the vision the Lord said to me, "I have sent you". An Apostle must be sent, he cannot be one who just went...

Rom 10:15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

Gary S. Brooks, Apostle, Ph.d, Th.D

Prophetic Confirmations ...

This is a prophecy delivered to Gary S Brooks on November 13, 1994, at a church meeting in Mckinney, Texas, from Apostle Jim Becton.

God is giving you a vision of Apostolic Ministry. A vision of seeing churches planted and the gospel spread through your area. And great peace and great joy is coming your way to give you that understanding that God has called you in that. You're His bondservant, you're the one that has been sold out to the Lord. And the Lord says, Don't look at the faces of the people, and don't even judge yourself by others. But know that God has planted deep in your heart the word of the Lord for that region and that area that you're in. And God has raised you up to speak a word in season to him who is weary. For God is given you the tongue of the learned, and you will speak the word only by the revelation of the Spirit. You'll not reason it out in your mind, but you'll speak it with the revelation of the Spirit. And through that men and women will be trained and God will raise up a Lighthouse of Apostolic Ministry in your place, says the Lord."

This is an excerpt of a word of prophecy spoken by Pastor Reggie Thomas at our Anniversary Celebration on June 25th, 1999.

"For I, the Lord your God, has set thee apart in this hour unto Myself for My purpose. And I shall raise thee up as an example and even your marriage and your family and your children as a light in the midst of darkness, as a Lighthouse across a stormy sea. And you shall bring them in on the coast of the harbor. You shall bring the ships that are about to fall apart. The families, the ministries, the churches that are headed for the rocks, you shall cause them to find their way into the harbor, into a safe place, saith the Lord your God. And your family shall be the expression. Your family shall even be the expression to this local House. And I, the Lord your God, shall stand them up. It won't be you standing them up, because I'm gonna put them on display, saith the Lord your God."

The following highlights a word of prophecy given by Dr. William D. Hinn during our Fall Conference on September 5th, 1999.

"This House is like a magnet within this area. Not only just within your surrounding neighborhood, but I mean within this city. I see it as a magnetic force that cannot help but draw attention to itself because there's power in it. Like a Lighthouse that would be standing on a cliff to guide the ships, this House is standing as a magnetic force that causes attention to be drawn to it. Some people will be drawn to it to receive from it. Some people will be drawn to it to criticize it. But one way or the other they're drawn to it. They cannot help but be turning their heads towards it because there is a power within this place. They may understand it and want to receive more of it, or they may not understand and be critical of it. But one way or another they're going to be drawn to it. Your Pastor will speak a word from this pulpit, it will elevate and go into the heavens. From the heavens, those that are seeking the word of God will hear it. It will come down to them and they'll preach it. And you will begin to hear more and more where those that are around about you are repeating what has already been taught in this House even though they have never been in this House. Only because God will use from this watchtower his sounding word and the blowing of his trumpet, and from that blowing of the trumpet it will echo across the land and others will begin to hear the word of the kingdom. And some will oppose it and some of them will fight against it. Some of them will speak against it and speak their doctrines and they will try to justify what they believe. But it is only because there is enough power coming out of this Lighthouse to challenge their position"

This prophetic word of confirmation was given by Bishop David Huskins , in presbytery along with Bishop Jim Dutton from Augusta GA, and with Apostle Steve Everett in an Apostolic Conference we hosted on February 5th, 2000.

"Lord tonight, as a three-fold cord, we declare in the heavens and testify to the principalities and powers that God has a Pastor, that He has a Pastor with Apostolic authority and Prophetic confirmation in the River of Life Church (now TheHouseOfGod) ... So may all of heaven record it, may the earth rejoice and be glad in it, and may hell be put on notice of it, that this night a new day dawns in this life, this church and in this region in Jesus' Name. And the saints of God agreed with it and spoke blessing over this ordained, consecrated and set apart man and woman of God. Amen."

This is a confirming word of prophecy spoken by Apostle Scott Stimson here at TheHouseOfGod on August 19th, 2007.

"Father, I want to thank you for establishing an influence over this area, over the region. But not just an Apostle, but an Apostolic team with an Apostolic sound and an Apostolic vision that will establish in this region a new day and a new beginning. While many are waiting for a new day Lord, they will establish a new day. While many are waiting for something to change, waiting for something to happen, they will call for something to happen and they will call for change."

This is a prophetic word spoken by Apostle Scott Stimson here at TheHouseOfGod on June 24th, 2017.

"Moses my servant is dead. And this is the end of one era but the beginning of a new. And just a Moses my servant is dead so the era has ended. And you’ve not been this way before. You won’t be able to look back and say, we’ll do it this way, or this is how it’s done, cause this is a whole new day. You’ve never been this way before and no man shall stand before you. Nobody will be able to prevent where you go. And you will inherit houses you didn’t build and vineyards you didn’t plant. And the Lord will expand it bigger and greater than you have even thought of or dreamed before. Cause He’s kept some things hidden on purpose, but you will discover them in this season. They would not have fit into the season that was before.

"And this has been the plan and the design all along, is that the Lord would bring you to this place. And there will be new faces. There will be many different faces, many different people who will come from other, other places and they will come and they will... many will just come and they’ll just sit. They’ll just sit and you won’t even know why they’re here. But the Spirit will touch their heart and He’ll draw them up and they’ll come and they’ll begin to shine. Some will come who are on the verge of bankruptcy, about to lose their business and they’ll come and they’ll receive what they need and their business will thrive and they’ll go back to their business. Some will go back to even their places of worship that they’ve come out of. But many will come and you’ll have a part in and you’ll plant seed in soil that you’ve not seen before, not used to. And fruit will abound in many places that will be beyond your ability to see at the moment, cause it will, cause it will multiply in such a way. And this is the design of the Lord and this is the opening up of a, of an expanse over the next two years. You’re going to see the formations of it."

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Why an Apostolic Lighthouse?


It is the will of the Lord to gather His children unto Himself out of man-made religions into a relationship in Christ as sons with their Father. An Apostolic Lighthouse therefore is necessary for guiding our lives that otherwise would be, or may have become, shipwrecked upon the rocks of the religious systems of this world. This Lighthouse stands as a light of the truth to show us the way and to welcome His people into the joy of life in His Kingdom!